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Gender Competition Name Trophy Challenged Shots V Challenger Shots
  Championship Singles Sallie Foulkes Rose Bowl Rosemary Evans 12 v Sue Young 21
  Winner:   Sue Young (Picture:  Rosemary  &  Sue Y.      Marker:  Celia Crowdy - RH)
  Unbadged Singles Mabs Phillips Cup Ann Mitchell # v Sue Allum #
  Winner:   Ann Mitchell (Picture:  Ann  &  Sue A.        Marker:  Carole Waters - centre)
  Two Wood Singles Lowery Cup Cathie Wooldridge 18 v Midge Auld 4
  Winner:   Cathie Wooldridge (Picture:  Cathie  &  Midge     Marker:  Lotte Allen - centre)
  Handicap Singles Maisie Begley Cup Val Hillier  (3) 22 v Marilyn Rumble  (7) 24
  Winner:   Val Hillier (Picture:  Val  &  Marilyn     Marker:  Sylvia Tegg - centre)
  Ladies Pairs Jean Casagranda Cup Mary Web # v Marilyn Rumble #
  Winners:   Marilyn  &  Pat Sue Alum Pat Clanfield
  (Picture:  Pat, Marilyn   &   Mary, Sue A)
  Ladies Triples Catt Cup Janette Devlin # v Judy Marns #
  Winners:   Janette, Sue A Sue Alum Pat Clanfield
    &  Ann Ann Mitchell Sue Young
  (Picture:  Sue A, Janette, Ann   &   Judy, Pat, Sue Y.)
  Mixed Singles Young Cup Mike Prior 12 v Len Hillier 21
  Winner:   Len Hillier (Picture:  Mike  &  Len)
  Mixed Pairs Peter Moore Shield Fred Clanfield # v Marilyn Rumble #
  Winners:   Marilyn  &  Paul Pat Clanfield Paul Allcock
  (Picture:  Marilyn - Pat   &   Fred - Paul)
  Championship Singles Rudland cup Tim Bicknell 13 v Peter Cowen 21
  Winner:   Peter Cowen (Picture:  Tim  &  Peter     Marker:  Ted Rumble - centre)
  Novices Singles Campbell-Dykes Cup Adam Waters 21 v John Tegg 19
  Winner:   Adam Waters (Picture:  Adam  &  John     Marker:  Paul Allcock - centre)
  Two Woods Singles Wally Ware Cup Tim Bicknell 15 v Ted McDonnell 11
  Winner:   Tim Bicknell (Picture:  Tim  &  Ted     Marker:  Peter Corderory - centre)
  Handicap Singles Wethered Cup Ken Edinborough  (-3) 24 v John Tegg  (Scr) 15
  Winner:   Ken Edinborough (Picture:  John  &  Ken     Marker:  Gordon Crowdy - centre)
  Men's Pairs Kerr Cup Tim Bicknell # v Jeff. Smith #
  Winners:   Jeff.  &  Len Jerry Widdows Len Hillier
  (Picture:  Len, Jeff.   &    Tim, Jerry)
  Men's Triples Petty Cup Fred Harris 16 v David Winchombe 21
  Winners:   David W,  Adam Dave Fox Adam Waters
    &  Peter Ted McDonnell Peter Cowen
  (Picture:  Adam, David W, Peter   &   Ted, Fred, Dave F)
  Men's Benevolent Triples Mike Prior # v Ted Rumble #
  Winners:   Ted R, Gordon John Corderoy Gordon Crowdy
    &  Len Ted McDonnell Len Hillier
  (Picture:  Ted R, Gordon, Len   &   John, Mike, Ted Mc)